eStatement FAQ

What are eStatements?

eStatements are simply your account statements in a format that's viewable online.

Do eStatements contain the same information as my paper statements?

Yes. eStatements are required to have the same information as paper statements.

What are the benefits of eStatements?

eStatements are generally available within 24 hours from the time of processing. In comparison, paper statements that need to be printed, stuffed into envelopes, sealed, metered and mailed can take up to two weeks to be received. In addition, eStatements help cut down on paper clutter. And because eStatements are not delivered by postal mail, the possibility of your statement ending up in the wrong person's hands is eliminated.

Do I need special software to use the eStatement service?

You must have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to use the eStatement service. Download the free Adobe Reader here.

Can eStatements be printed and saved?

Yes. eStatements are delivered in PDF format and can be easily printed and saved to your hard drive for retrieval anytime.

How do I register for eStatements?

We automatically activate estatements once you register for online banking or log in to the First Command Bank mobile app.

How will I know when I can view my statement?

You will receive an email notification whenever a new statement is available for viewing. If the statement is not viewed within a certain time frame, a reminder email will be sent as a follow up.

How many months of statements can I access?

Your eStatements will start to accumulate from the time you register for the service. The eStatements will progressively build up until they reach 12 months worth of eStatement history. At that time you will have a 12-month history of eStatements available at any given time through OnCommand. We recommend that you save a copy of each eStatement on your computer hard drive so you will have a continuous history starting at the time of registration.

If a joint account holder registers for eStatements, will the primary account holder continue to receive paper statements?

No. Once any account holder registers for eStatements through his or her OnCommand profile, all paper statements will be discontinued.

Are eStatements legally admissible?

Yes, eStatements are legally admissible documents of your account information. They contain all the components and disclosures required by law.

What Browsers can I use to view eStatements?

Current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari will display estatements.

What do I do if I'm having trouble viewing my statement?

Recent changes to your operating system software such as upgrades, downloads, and/or system enhancements can affect your PC's ability to connect with secure sites, including our eStatement site.

We recommend trying the following steps:

What do I do if my e-mail address changes?

You can provide your new e-mail address for eStatement notification by selecting "Change Registration", and then choosing "Change Your Email Address". You must also update your e-mail address in OnCommand. Log in to OnCommand, select the "Services" tab, and under Profile select "Change e-mail address." First Command Bank requires that your e-mail address be the same in OnCommand and eStatements.

I got an error message while trying to view an eStatement. It says "There was an error processing a page. A font contains a bad CMap/Encoding". What does this mean?

You are using an old version of Adobe Reader and need to upgrade to version 4.0 or higher. Adobe recommends that you first uninstall any version of Reader older than 4.0, then install the latest version.