MobileCommand FAQ

What is MobileCommand?

MobileCommand is our free mobile banking service and it enables you to access your First Command Bank accounts from your mobile device to check balances, view transaction history, transfer funds, pay bills, send us secure messages, and deposit checks (check deposit available with iPhone and Android apps).

How do I start using MobileCommand?

You can access MobileCommand with the web browser on your mobile device or the downloadable app for your smartphone.

To access MobileCommand with the web browser on your mobile device:

  1. Launch: Using the web browser on your mobile device, go to Your mobile device will be recognized automatically launching our mobile site.
  2. Log In: Log in with your current OnCommand user id and password.
  3. Start banking: There’s no fee to use MobileCommand from First Command Bank, but messaging and data rates from wireless carriers.

To access MobileCommand with an app on your smartphone:

  1. Enroll: Log in to OnCommand, select the “Account Services” tab, click MobileCommand, and follow the instructions to register for the mobile banking service.
  2. Download and activate.
    • Users of Apple® iPhone®/iPad® or Android devices should go to the App Store or Android Market to download the MobileCommand application onto your phone.
    • All other smart phone users should go to using the browser on your mobile phone to download the app onto your phone. (Be sure to record your Activation Code as you will need it when you first launch the app.)
  3. Start banking. There’s no fee to use MobileCommand from First Command Bank, but messaging and data rates from wireless carriers still apply.

How is the mobile browser different from the downloadable apps?

With the MobileCommand browser site, you use your mobile phone’s Web browser to access your First Command Bank account information. Our MobileCommand applications for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Android, Blackberry and other smart phone devices are downloaded to your phone and provide a unique experience designed to take advantage of your phone's features. By offering both options, MobileCommand becomes available to more mobile devices and users can choose the mobile experience they prefer.

Will MobileCommand work on my phone?

You can access the MobileCommand browser site using any mobile device that has a web browser. While the site has been optimized for smart phones, most browsers on a mobile device should be able to utilize the service.

The MobileCommand applications are available for most iPhone®/iPod Touch®/iPad®, Blackberry®, Windows® Mobile, Palm OS® (e.g. Treo), Android and Java-based mobile devices. View a list of mobile devices currently supporting the app.

Your mobile carrier may also require an Internet/data plan for your device and charges from your mobile carrier may apply.

Why am I getting an error message when I try to log in to the MobileCommand downloadable app?

If you have used the app before you may have entered your user id and/or password incorrectly. If the problem continues after a second attempt, please contact Customer Care at 888.763.7600 to confirm your log in credentials.

If you have just downloaded the app, you may be not be enrolled for MobileCommand. Log in to OnCommand, select the Account Services tab, click MobileCommand, and follow the instructions to activate the mobile banking service.

Do I have to be enrolled in OnCommand online banking to use MobileCommand?

Yes. To use MobileCommand, you must be enrolled in OnCommand. If you are not currently enrolled in OnCommand online banking, register now.

Can I use the same User ID and Password for MobileCommand that I use for OnCommand online banking?

Yes. To log into MobileCommand, just use the same User ID and Password that you already use to log in to OnCommand.

What happens if I enter incorrect log on credentials (user id and password) in MobileCommand?

If you enter an invalid user id and/or password, you will receive an error message. You will be locked out of MobileCommand, as well as OnCommand, after 3 invalid attempts. For assistance with unlocking your account, please call Customer Care at 888.763.7600.

Can my MobileCommand session time out?

Yes, your MobileCommand session will time out after 15 minutes.

Which accounts are available through MobileCommand?

Using the MobileCommand browser site, you can access all your First Command Bank accounts, including Business OnCommand accounts. Using the MobileCommanddownloadable app, you can access your First Command Bank checking, savings and Visa® credit card accounts. Business OnCommand is not available with the downloadable app.

What can I do with MobileCommand?

With MobileCommand, you can:

  • Check available balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds between First Command Bank accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Contact First Command Bank via secure messaging for support
  • Deposit checks (available with iPhone and Android apps only)

Can I pay bills with MobileCommand?

Yes. You will be able to see any payments that you previously scheduled through MobileCommand or OnCommand and schedule future payments to any existing payees. You cannot add new payees with MobileCommand. For security purposes, adding new payees must be done through OnCommand online banking.

Can I deposit checks with MobileCommand?

Using the Mobile Deposit feature in the MobileCommand apps for iPhone and Android devices, you will be able to take a picture of the check using your iPhone or Android device and submit the image for deposit to your First Command Bank deposit account. To use the mobile deposit feature in MobileCommand, you must be registered for both the MobileCommand app and the Deposits On Command service.

How do I make a deposit with MobileCommand?

To make a mobile deposit, you must first be registered for both MobileCommand and Deposits On Command. Then:

  1. Open the MobileCommand app on your iPhone or Android device and log in
  2. Select Mobile Deposit from the main menu
  3. Enter the deposit amount
  4. Take pictures of the front and back of your check, following the prompts
  5. The check must be endorsed on the back with your signature, account number and FOR DEPOSIT ONLY
  6. Make sure the check is on a well-lit, flat surface with a contrasting background
  7. Click Submit
  8. Click View History to see past deposits

Can I make a mobile deposit on a smartphone other than an iPhone or Android device, such as a Blackberry® or Windows® device?

At this time, the Mobile Deposit feature is only available with iPhone and Android devices. The MobileCommand app for other devices will not include the Mobile Deposit menu item.

How do I register for Deposits On Command?

To register for Deposits On Command:

  1. Log into OnCommand
  2. Go to Account Services
  3. Select Register for Deposits On Command. View Deposits On Command eligibility criteria.
  4. Once your Deposits On Command registration is approved, you can begin to use the mobile deposits feature on your iPhone or Android phone.

16. Why do I have to register for Deposits On Command if I will not be making deposits using a flatbed scanner?

The Mobile Deposit feature in MobileCommand uses the same technology of our Deposits On Command remote deposit service. This ensures consistent handling for all remote deposits. You must qualify to use the remote deposit service. See the Deposits On Command FAQ for more information.

Are my transactions in MobileCommand secure?

Absolutely. MobileCommand is just as secure as our Internet-based OnCommand online banking service. Anything you do while logged on to MobileCommand is encrypted by industry-standard SSL encryption preventing cell phone “scanning” or other attempts to eavesdrop. The integrated secure message system is further protected from spamming, spoofing or phishing. Just as a reminder, please always set the passcode on your phone.

What should I do if I lose my phone?

MobileCommand is highly secure, using industry-standard SSL encryption to prevent the interception of information. If you ever lose your phone:

  1. Log into OnCommand
  2. Select the Account Services tab
  3. Click Change Password
  4. Change your OnCommand password immediately.

If you don’t have easy access to the Internet, you can call us at 888.763.7600 for assistance in changing your password.

Monitor your accounts closely and notify us immediately if you believe that unauthorized transactions have occurred. Report the loss of your phone to your wireless service provider as soon as possible and ask that the lost phone be disabled.

19. Is there a fee for using MobileCommand?

There’s no fee to use MobileCommand, but messaging and data rates from wireless carriers still apply. Check with your provider if you aren’t sure about the costs or if you need to add data services to your existing plan.