Money HQ

With Money HQ, consolidate and view all of your online accounts from different financial relationships – banks, credit unions, investments, credit cards, utility companies and more – view all your available online bills, and easily transfer money between accounts and individuals at different financial institutions.

How it works

Money HQ logs into your online financial accounts on your behalf, using the log-in information you provide when you enroll in the service. Your account information is securely transmitted from these sites, aggregated (consolidated), and displayed in the Accounts page of Money HQ.


  • Monitor all your accounts at a glance and view account statements in one convenient, secure location
  • Securely transfer funds between your First Command Bank accounts and any of your accounts at other financial sites
  • Securely send funds to another person at First Command Bank or another financial institution
  • Consolidate, organize and view bill information from credit card companies, utilities and other organizations offering online viewing of bills
  • Receive account balance and bill due-date alerts

How to begin enjoying the benefits of Money HQ

  • Log in to OnCommand online banking
  • Select the Money HQ tab and follow instructions to register for Money HQ
  • Follow simple instructions to designate financial institutions from which to retrieve account information


  • First 60 days are Free
  • A monthly service fee of $4.95 will be deducted from your primary FCB account for use of the Money HQ service.
  • Standard transfers: The first five standard transfers in any month will be included in the monthly service fee, with additional standard transfers assessed a fee of $1.50 each.
  • Next-day transfers: For each next-day transfer, an additional fee of $8.95 will be charged at the time of the transaction.