Digital Banking – Mobile and Bill Pay

Mobile App

Using the new First Command Bank mobile app, you can transfer funds immediately to other First Command Bank clients (unlinked transfers) and to your accounts at other financial institutions. Other app features include alerts, setting up new payees, adding new transfer details and more. Account registration can take place through the app, giving you more control of your everyday finances from anywhere and at any time. Learn more by looking at the Mobile FAQ.

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With Popmoney, you can pay people directly through this payment service. Using Popmoney is as easy as sending a text or email. Learn more about this service by watching the short video below.

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Bill Pay

Bill Pay items (referred to as Payments) will be charged when the payment processes, which is based on the deliver by date you choose. We recommend scheduling payment two to five days in advance of the deliver by date, but you will see other options when entering payment information. Additionally, you can set up reminders, receive e–bills and be alerted if someone has sent you money — all from the same Payment Center location.

If you haven't already enrolled for Bill Pay, now is a great time to do so. You can find additional information on the Bill Pay FAQ and video below.

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Quicken and QuickBooks Direct Connect Changes

Due to a disruption in service with our Quicken Direct Connect option, First Command Bank offers Quicken Express Connect for our Quicken clients and Quicken Web connect for our QuickBooks clients. Step-by-step installation guides are below for both Windows and Mac users. You can find more Quicken and QuickBooks details in the Quicken and QuickBooks FAQ. Quicken Direct Connect will be reinstated soon.


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