Travel Notifications

If you’re traveling and plan to use your First Command Bank debit or credit card during your trip, please notify us before you depart. By contacting our Customer Care team and providing us with the dates and locations of your trip, we can make adjustments to help ensure that your debit card or credit card will work where and when you plan to travel.

Helpful Tips:

  • When notifying us about international travel, it’s important to include a list of the specific countries you will be visiting where you might need to use your card.
  • While advance notification is especially important when traveling internationally, it can also save you headaches when traveling domestically.
  • When notifying us, remember to include places where you have a flight layover in order to prevent issues if you need to make a purchase at the airport.

To notify FCB of an upcoming trip, please send us a secure message via OnCommand online banking or call our Customer Care team at 888.763.7600.